Ashtanga Yoga Classes – Manchester Hooksett NH

Ashtanga Yoga Classes

Diana offers Ashtanga Yoga classes in Southern New Hampshire.

Ashtanga Lite: All Levels

Ashtanga Lite is an introductory class to the Primary Series of Ashtanga. It is appropriate for those at the beginning stages of yoga practice as well as for those wishing a slightly shorter class than the full Ashtanga Primary Series. This class includes Sun Salutations, standing postures, and seated postures of the Ashtanga form, completing half of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Modifications are given for all postures, so anyone from a beginner to an experienced yoga practitioner will derive enjoyment from this class. Class is 75 minutes long.

Wednesdays: 8:15am (White Swan Yoga Studio, Manchester, NH)
NOTE: This class is on hold for the summer and will return in the Fall 2019.

Right now this is the only Ashtanga yoga offered in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

*** If you would like to see another class offered, please reach out through the contact form with recommended days and times that work best for you.***