Workshops & Events

Workshops and Events

Learn How to Meditate

In this six week course, you will learn six different styles of meditation in order to determine which one (or more!) fits your lifestyle and personality.  Meditation does not need to be difficult, and it is far from being unattainable as a goal.  You (and anyone!) can learn to meditate with just fifteen minutes a day, which you can then cultivate into a growing practice through dedicated effort over time.  You will see and experience the benefits of meditation during this six week guided tour.  We will be journaling during this workshop, so please bring a notebook.  Space is limited to ten, so sign up today!


  • Tuesdays @ 7-8pm / January 23rd – March 6th (No class February 27th)
  • Wednesdays @12-1pm / January 24th – March 7th (No class February 28th)

Fee:  $75

Transformation Challenge!

  • Learn how to lose weight and keep it off with this eight-week group challenge!
  • No supplements are required.
  • Eat the foods you enjoy without feeling deprived.
  • Learn how to be successful as you work toward your goal.
  • The biggest loser WINS a monetary prize, and gainers pay $1 a pound toward the pot!
  • Each participant receives one individual nutritional consultation with Dr. Moore to create a success plan specific to YOUR individual needs.
  • Experience group accountability.  We will weigh-in and take measurements each week.
  • YOUR success is celebrated.
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group.
  • Limited class size (ten people).


  • Wednesdays @ 7-8pm / January 24th – March 28th (No class 2/28, 3/21)
  • Mondays @10-11am / January 22nd – March 26th (No class 2/26, 3/19)

Fee:  $249 (Challenge winner receives $15 for each participant plus weight-gain pot!).

Nutrition Strategies for Endurance Athletes: Maximize Training and Performance

Overall Healthy Eating

  • How Much Protein Do I Need?
  • The Iron Needs of Athletes
  • Supplements for Athletes: Are They Necessary?
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes

Sports Nutrition

  • Carbohydrates, an Athlete’s Fuel
  • Train Your Gut for Optimal Absorption to Deliver the Fuel You Need to Perform.
  • Fueling Strategies for Long Workouts and Events
  • Fueling with Whole, All-Natural Foods
  • Athletes Avoiding Gluten and Grains: Is There Good Evidence?
  • The Importance of Hydrating
  • Is Sugar Bad for Athletes?
  • After Workouts: Refueling for Recovery
  • Healthy or Hype? Chocolate Milk for Recovery and Protein Powder
  • Inflammation: What athletes should know
  • Energy Bars: What to look for and real food alternatives

Recipes for Endurance Athletes

  • Receive a Free Recipe Booklet

Date:  SUNDAY, January 28th
Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Fee:  $45