Smoke Cessation

Quit Smoking NOW!

Smoke Cessation with Dr. Moore

Are you ready to take back control of your life from cigarettes? Most smokers come to me because they are concerned about the many health risks of smoking. Many are embarrassed by the smell in their hair, breath, clothes, and even in their houses and cars. Even if they can’t smell it themselves, their non-smoker friends and family can certainly smell it. Some smokers even feel like social outcasts. If you are truly ready to become a non-smoker for yourself and not because someone else wants you to, and you are interested in a safe, drug-free approach that will free you from tobacco, hypnosis can help you.

Dr. Moore’s Hypnosis Program for Smoke Cessation
My program is not a canned program given in an impersonal group setting. You can expect personalized attention and care that is catered to your unique needs. My vast experience as a consulting hypnotist has shown that a three-session program is the most effective in creating permanent change for motivated individuals. The first session is longest, lasting 1.5 – 2 hours, and the last two sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour each.

What to Expect at Your First Visit
Expect your first visit to be pleasant, informative, and relaxing. It will consist of:

  • A discussion of your health, lifestyle, and smoking habits.
  • A conversation about hypnosis and how it works.
  • A discussion of your specific goals and obstacles to achieving those goals.
  • Establishment of a reward system that is catered to your unique individual needs and experiences.
  • Development of a series of suggestions together with you, based on information you provide.
  • Implementation of those suggestions in a safe, secure and relaxing environment led by me.
  • An empowering hypnosis session that is tailored to you and leaves you feeling relaxed and confident.

Each follow-up visit includes a discussion of your progress, your successes and any stumbling blocks that may require tweaking or addition of suggestions, plus reinforcement of previous and new suggestions.

Program Fee: $395

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