A Message From Diana Moore:

“This work was born out of a desire to continue my spirit’s mission to help others access their inner potential and work toward self-actualization. Previously I worked at a high-paying and high-stress (synonymous?)  job in higher education administration that left me feeling exhausted, unhealthy and unfulfilled.  I felt a calling to go back to teaching and healing in one-on-one and small group settings. Through a great deal of introspection, I decided to refocus my professional energies beyond academia to helping others access their inner potential and work toward self-actualization, learning to find inner peace, stress-relief, health, happiness and a balance of mind, body and spirit in the process.  The mind-body connection is extremely potent and can affect many positive changes in life when practiced and applied regularly.  My calling includes helping all people from children to adults and seniors to mothers-to-be to embrace life to its fullest and at their best in harmony with mind, body and spirit. Allow me to help you surpass the obstacles holding you back, and together we can achieve your goals. Live the life you were meant to live. Live a life you love!”  ~Diana T. Moore, Ph.D.

Diana’s Bio